Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Please call us so we can add you to the list of vendors that get our availability sheet each week. 316-227-7677
1. The availability sheet comes out on 8am Tuesdays. Orders are due by 4pm on that same Tuesday.
2. Late orders or order changes are not accepted unless you call the farm @ 316-227-7677 to confirm it can be fulfilled. If additional harvest is required for the late order or change of order, a 5% handling fee will be accessed.
3. Deliveries are made between 10am and 3pm on Wednesdays.
4. We will travel up to 30 miles to deliver our product. We deliver at .96ยข per mile.
5. Invoice options are as follows:
*Invoice upon delivery & paid upon receipt. We’ll provide the invoice when we deliver the product, and you’ll pay us immediately.
*Invoice via email (Square) & paid within 15 days. You provide us an email upon the time of the order, and we’ll provide you an invoice via email that needs to be paid within 15 days of receipt of the product. If the payment is late, a 5% late fee is accessed. If an invoice goes unpaid for longer than 30 days, no additional deliveries will be made until the invoice is paid in full.
Please validate which invoice option you would prefer when ordering.
6. We want to be as sustainable as possible, so we try to use reusable, fiberglass 15-pound containers when possible. Containers will be marked with the farm name, and the expectation is that they are returned within 2 weeks.
7. Deliveries made in plastic bags will be delivered in 1.8-bushel wax boxes that will be labeled with the farm name. The expectation is that the wax boxes will be returned within 2 weeks.
8. We will pick up our containers & wax boxes on the second Wednesday after delivery between 10am and 3pm regardless of whether another order was made or not.
9. The charge for a reusable, fiberglass container that is not returned is $60. The charge for a reusable, wax box that is not returned is $8.00. These charges will be invoiced if the packaging is not returned within 3 weeks of delivery.
11. This sales availability is an estimate only. Actual availability may change. Although we are confident in our estimate, if a change is unavoidable, we will let you know by 9am Wednesday.