Well, would you look that? The trenching for our irrigation lines has FINALLY begun. It almost brings tears to my eyes. Once we can get the irrigation system in, Josh and I will have tons more time to focus on more important things like planting, weeds, pests, pruning, cleaning, and organization. Now…if only we didn’t have to jump-start the trencher every time we use it and the carburetor would stay on!

Important Reminders
  1. The fourth pickup for Season 2 is tomorrow, Monday, August 1st. Arrive any time between 3 pm and 7 pm and park on the West side of the property anywhere in front of the commercial kitchen (the big red building with the French doors). If we don’t come out to greet you, you can either knock on the commercial kitchen door, or give us a call at 316-227-7677. We love to give tours, so if you want one, please don’t be afraid to ask. We want you to know where your food comes from!
  2. If you don’t want a tour and are in a hurry, please call us, so we know when you’ll be here. Then we can be ready with your bag of goodies. The phone number is 316-227-7677.
  3. We provide you with a reusable grocery bag with all your goodies in it. Please bring it back next week, so we can wash it and reuse it. We’re trying to be more environmentally conscious. The plastic bags we use for the greens are still a work in progress, but that is definitely on my list of things to change.
  4. The market place is updated on Sundays, so if you want to take a look at what else we have available (besides the things already in your bag), please make your orders on Sunday or Monday morning. We can then add any additional items to your grocery bag.
This Week's Products 8/1/2022
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Salad Mix Salad Mix
Bell Peppers Bell Peppers
Tomato Mix Tomato Mix
Next Week's Products 8/8/2022
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Arugula Arugula
Tomatoes Tomatoes
Baby Carrots Baby Carrots
Radish Microgreens  
News on the Farm

The trencher activity isn’t the only thing new this week. We also have a new hoophouse to put together. For those of you who are not avid gardeners, the difference between a hoophouse and a greenhouse is the heat. Greenhouses are heated and hoophouses are not. Though we all use the two terms interchangeably, we technically have hoophouses since we don’t heat them. And I know it seems like we have a million incomplete projects right now, but there is a reason behind the madness. We had to order the hoophouse to keep our NRCS High Tunnel System Initiative Grant.

We bought our Kuni Kuni pigs with the intention of grazing them. They are one of the only breeds of pigs that are pastured. Josh didn’t want to let them out until they were big enough to fend for themselves though. Yesterday was the big day! We let them out with the cows and goats, and the animals are all learning to socialize with each other. It didn’t take long for the goats to take over the pigs’ sleeping quarters though. Who can resist a big bed of hay?


Not only did we make a batch of Salsa this week, but we also utilized the steam kettle for the first time since we bought it at auction. It worked like a charm! Granted, we don’t have enough peppers to do any serious damage yet, but once the plants start really producing, we’ll be able to do three times the amount of salsa that we normally would. This is a huge win for us! The first batch was a delicious success. For those of you who have been waiting for Salsa, we’ll be taking this limited-supply first batch to Reverie Roasters’ 9th Year Anniversary ShinDig today. If you want some, you’ll have to come visit us at that event. We’d love to see you there!

Recipe of the Week

Stuffed Pepper Casserole

Instead of making traditional stuffed bell peppers, Josh made a stuffed pepper casserole which is a little easier to make. I thought you busy peeps might appreciate that. This little number was easy, flavorful, and packed with nutrition. For a little more health benefit, try adding a teaspoon of turmeric, which is a great anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant (most herbs are).  Turmeric is a great addition to rice dishes!

What's New in the Market Place

If you didn’t notice last week, we have onions in the market place for purchase. They’re small but pungent (just like our jalapenos).