This week was blueberry week. We had to add organic, elemental sulfur; organic bonemeal; aged manure; and organic poultry fertilizer to the soil in preparation for planting. Then we planted, watered, and we are now in the process of mulching. Next will be the drip irrigation system.  Blueberries are going to be quite the project for us!

Important Reminders
  1. Pickup is from 3 pm to 7 pm on Monday, May 2nd.
  2. If you don’t want a tour and are in a hurry, please call us, so we know when you’ll be here. Then we can be ready with your bag of goodies. The phone number is 316-227-7677.
  3. Don’t forget to bring your bags back, so we can wash and reuse them. We’re trying to be more environmentally conscious. The plastic bags we use for the greens are still a work in progress, but that is definitely on my list of things to change.
  4. The market place is updated on Sundays. It’s best to make orders on Sunday or Monday morning.
Products for the Week 5/2/2022
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Salad Mix Salad Mix
Eggs Eggs
Dill Dill
Salad Turnips  
Next Week's Products 5/09/2022
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Salad Mix Salad Mix
Rosemary Rosemary
Carrots Carrots
Baby Fennel  
Broccoli Microgreens  
News on the Farm

As promised, here is the update to the chickshaw flap. Ashton and Colton managed to make a “window” that latches on the back of the chickshaw where the laying boxes are, but…they failed to test their end product effectively since I couldn’t get the boxes out to collect the eggs. They ended up having to add another small piece of board to the bottom of the boxes so that the flap was not right under the laying boxes which provided a few extra inches to pull the boxes out. Regardless, they learned a little about problem-solving and continuous improvement.

Josh changed out the pipe coming from the new well from a 3/4 inch to a 2 inch so that we can carry more water capacity to the farm. The new well pump means nothing if we cannot increase the volume it pumps to our crops through a bigger pipe. If you haven’t toured the farm recently, you may not have noticed all the holes dug out around the property. These holes are where the new hydrants will go, so watering will be less of a task. Have I mentioned we have sooo much work to do?

And how about those tornado warnings on Friday night? Yikes!  Did anyone hear the tornado sirens? Since in our old location, the sirens were in our backyard, they were easy to hear. We weren’t able to hear them as clearly at the new house. Note to self: must have a weather aware app on the phone. I hope everyone is safe and no serious damage was done. We got some small hail, and not-so-happy wind, but we’re grateful that the tornado blew over us. Everyone is safe. As for the crops, we’ll have to start over on a few things, but we faired better than most. I swear, the weather this year is just out to get us, isn’t it?

Recipe of the Week

Chicken Salad

I developed a love of chicken salad from my mother. It’s one of my favorite all-time sandwich fillers. If it’s done right, it should have nuts, grapes, celery, and of course…dill. My family is not big on mayonnaise, so this particular recipe uses Greek yogurt instead. I’ve also adapted the recipe a bit because we like a little spice with just about everything we eat. I skip the 1/2 teaspoon of salt and add a teaspoon of spicy salt instead. If you don’t have spicy salt, however, you can add just a teaspoon of paprika.

What's New in the Market Place

Don’t dismiss the health impact herbs can have on your diet. Sage (due to several types of acidic compounds) and Rosemary (due to its antioxidant properties) are both linked to improved brain function and memory. Parsley, because it has so much vitamin C, can help reduce health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. I think people have forgotten the lost art of herbs, but they really do make the meal.

Here are just a few recipes that include fresh herbs.

The Market Place has all three of these wonderful herbs for sale!