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Welcome to our humble website where family, values, and food are pretty important. We believe physical and mental health stem from how we take care of ourselves. And taking care of ourselves includes the food we eat which why we grow food, make food, preserve food, and talk about food. We’re foodies! What more…we’re also naturalists. We grow food without artificial fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides. If that’s not enough…we’re environmentalists. We’re the crazy neighbors with solar panels and grocery bags made out of old t-shirts. In short, we’re a family trying to “do the right thing” and still make a living at it.



Our Programs

The Marketplace

If you live in Wichita or the surrounding suburbs, you can order our fresh produce and baked goods online and:

  • Pick up our produce at the farm on Mondays, or
  • Get it delivered on Tuesdays.

If you live anywhere in the United States, you can order our herbs and herbal products online, and:


  • Get them shipped and delivered straight to your door.


If you live locally in Wichita or the surrounding area, you should consider purchasing a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) arrangement. We provide 5-6 items of naturally-grown produce per week that you pick up at the farm. We’re an open-source farm, so every time you pick up, you have the opportunity to look around, or you can read the weekly newsletters that get delivered via email. The newsletters provide the products for the week, helpful recipes, and news about what you’re doing. 

Weekly Newsletters

If you want to know more about us, try reading a few of our weekly newsletters. We try not to bore you with too many stories about the wonderful properties of dirt (though it is pretty wonderful) or how food can transform our bodies and minds (though naturally grown food does have some pretty amazing health benefits) or go off on crazy tangents about our funny chickens (though they are pretty crazy). Who knows? You might just enjoy yourself as well as learn something!

Healthy Cooking

We’re constantly trying out new recipes that include our products. (There’s this terrible rumor that people no longer know how to cook with fresh produce anymore which is just ghastly!) When we find good recipes, we put them here. When we come across bad ones, we try to make them better. Then we call those recipes our own…which are the best kind of recipes. The point here is if you don’t want to peruse the newsletters (shame on you), you can find the best recipes here.

Local Restaurants



Farmer's Markets

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  1. Sarah Solomon

    Best fresh veggies in town!


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