Strong Roots offers the following products from the Lamiaceae Family:

Rosemary $1.50 per 5 Ounces

Sage $1.50 per 5 Ounces

Thyme $1.50 per 5 Ounces

Basil $1.50 per 5 Ounces

Oregano $1.50 per 5 Ounces

Lemon Balm $1.50 per 5 Ounces

Catnip $1.50 per 5 Ounces

Mint $1.50 per 5 Ounces

Strong Roots Healthy Farming sells their produce at farmers markets and via CSA arrangements. We also sell to restaurants who use our produce in their menu items.

Want to try our products, but you don’t know what to do with them? See a few of our favorite recipes below.

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