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Remember When has several powerful herbal supplements that are said to increase learning and memory.

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Remember When contains the powerful combination of ginkgo and gotu kola leaf, rosemary, peppermint, and ginger. The research behind gotu kola leaf suggests that it improves both learning and memory by increasing antioxidant levels in the blood. The extract from ginkgo leaves is used as a dietary supplement for many conditions, including dementia, eye problems, intermittent claudication (leg pain caused by narrowing arteries), tinnitus, and other health problems. Rosemary, on the other hand, reduces the oxidative damage to the brain with it’s powerful antioxidant activity. And let’s not forget ginger that acts as an anti-inflammatory. This anti-inflammatory property is important since many brain disorders including depression, anxiety, ADHD, brain fog, and Alzheimer’s are linked to chronic inflammation of the brain.

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