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Availability List - Monday, February 11, 2019

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The Strong Roots availability list is a weekly produce listing of everything we have available. As the seasons change and Mother Nature evolves, so does our farm. If you are interested in buying produce on the list, please email or call us. We generally deliver on Thursdays in between 10am – 2 pm.

Salad Mix $4.00 per 5 ounce bag
A salad should be more than just iceberg lettuce and salad dressing. Strong Roots believes that a salad should be a whole meal. Our salad mix includes not just salanova lettuce but seasonal greens that could include mizuna, spinach, kale, tatsoi, arugula, red amaranth, microgreens, and even edible flowers.


Parsley $2.00 per Bundle
If you haven’t added parsley to a honey-glazed carrot, then you haven’t experienced the magic of food. Parsley is another great herb that can be used for garnishing sweet or rich dishes to help offset the heaviness. And for goodness sake…make a pesto with it; the world needs more pesto!


Spinach $4.00 per 5 Ounce Bag
Although we do use it to grace our salad mix, the spinach is so good, we have no choice but to sell it by itself. It’s sweet flavor and crispy texture make it a favorite treat among our customers.

Arugula $4.00 per 4 ounce bag
Although typically arugula is best in the Spring and Fall seasons, there are heat tolerant varieties that grow well in the heat. This peppery herb can be used to spice up and add flavor to just about any dish. 


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